New Church Building is Open!

Construction started fall 2020 and opened Summer of 2021

Grace Anglican has a new Church building in west Boise at Northview and Milwaukee

The conceptual design of the new church shown above has been completed and construction has started. The design is a modern interpretation of classic Anglican architecture and reflects the Parish’s commitment to traditional liturgical worship. It also features a Parish Hall, meeting rooms and offices to support an active and rich use in support of our community.

If you are interested in this project please let us know. Our Building Fund was established in 2011 and allowed us to acquire the property without debt. The Fund is currently active and funds are being utilized for construction. Donations to the Building Fund are very much appreciated.


During the summer of 2015 Grace Anglican Church purchased property at the corner of W. Northview St and N. Milwaukee St. The goal was to provide a home for the Church and to establish a presence in the neighborhood that is centrally located for the congregation. The site is currently used for prayer walks, community witness and neighborhood ministry. It plants a spot for Anglicans to grow in Idaho.  Our vision is to expand our use of the property and build a traditional Anglican Church and Parish hall on the site.

The property is supported by the Church Building Committee and utilized regularly by the Parish.  A building plan has been developed for the property based on four natural laws of church architecture that the committee adopted during it research on sacred space. Three of these come from Natural Laws of Catholic Church Architecture September 2009 by Michael S. Rose and the fourth was discerned by the Committee from Scripture. The focus of the design is to create an inspirational facility that provides a physical witness to the importance of God in our lives and in our community. The facility is designed to have a traditional, timeless, appearance and includes all the modern conveniences to serve our mission in Boise. We anticipate the facility will appear so well integrated into the site as to make it look that the business development and neighborhood grew up around the Church.