Grace Anglican Church, Boise, Idaho  is searching for a new Rector

Grace Anglican Church reflects an orthodox understanding of the Christian faith, as declared in Holy Scripture, the Creeds, and in the historic Book of Common Prayer.  Grace Anglican is an apostolic church and a founding member of the Diocese of Western Anglicans and the Anglican Church in North American (ACNA).

Who we are:

*We were the first Anglican Church in Idaho, formed as an Anglo-Catholic Mission Church under the direction of Bishop Lawrence Shaver of the Anglican Province of America (APA) in 2007.  We have had an ordained Vocational Deacon since 2009 and we are a blend of former Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, and various other denominations.

*We are a professional, educated, culturally diverse group; some still working and some retired.

* We own property on which to build a church and are raising funds for that purpose.

*We worship and glorify God through our faith and devotion to Jesus Christ, within the Anglo-Catholic stream of Anglicanism; through sacramental worship, devotional prayer, and fellowship, we experience the awesome and immanent presence of God in our corporate worship life

*Our Corporate worship life is enriched by rich liturgical pageantry , a dedicated choir coordinated by a Minister of Music and Choir Director and a paid Organist that support traditional music in hymnody and choral selections, and by joyful hospitality to our fellow parishioners and the stranger at our door

*We are spiritually and intellectually curious about our Christian faith and Christian living; we seek a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures, Theology, Doctrine, and History among other things.

*We believe in servant ministry; to ourselves and others.  We want to be led into a deeper understanding of what God calls us to do in the community around us.

Who we are seeking to Call:

*We seek an Anglican Priest: trained in seminary within the Anglo-Catholic tradition and experienced in practical and pastoral parish leadership

*A Leader of devout, sacramental worship who will challenge and stretch us in areas we are curious about, and should be curious about, and will lead us by example into new areas of ministry, mission and service

*We seek a Shepherd experienced in driving parish growth both spiritually and numerically, who will embrace and provide leadership toward the parish vision of building a church which is the spiritual home for a sacramental congregation; as a center for worship that allows for community fellowship, catechesis, and is an emblem of our devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We seek to be a haven for Christians whose churches no longer see Jesus as the only way to the Father – the true Son of God.”  And a welcoming home for those who have not heard or accepted His Gospel


*There will be salary and benefits package commensurate with qualifications and our diocesan guidelines

Our location:

*We are an urban Parish located in Boise, Idaho, capitol city of the State of Idaho.

*Boise is a family-friendly place of year-round recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, golfing, swimming, kayaking, white-water rafting, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing &  hunting

*Boise’s modern International Airport is very convenient for travel worldwide.

*The Boise area offers a wide variety of professional, cultural, and intellectual opportunities and is the home of several colleges and universities:  Boise State University, College of Southern Idaho, Northwest Nazarene University, Idaho State University & Boise Bible College

*Boise also offers a cost of living in line with the U.S. average

*Idaho is home to a wide variety of sceneries and vistas from high desert, Rocky Mountains, to wide prairies, and dense forests with a multitude of pristine lakes and rivers.  The Boise River runs through the heart of Boise downtown.


*Submit Cover Letter: include a statement of sacramental theology, philosophy of ministry, and a paragraph describing how an Anglo-Catholic parish can be missional


*Three professional clerical and three personal references

If you are interested in this position, please contact:

Sharon Helppie,

11747 W. Dallan Drive, Boise, ID 83713/ 208-939-3607